Where are the most northern hot springs in the US?

The most northern hot springs in the United States are located in Alaska. One notable example is the Chena Hot Springs, situated near Fairbanks, in the interior of Alaska. Chena Hot Springs is renowned for its beautiful location, outdoor activities, and the unique opportunity to view the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) during the colder months, making it a popular destination not just for the therapeutic hot springs but also for the spectacular natural surroundings and phenomena. It’s located approximately 60 miles (about 97 kilometers) northeast of Fairbanks, making it relatively accessible while still offering a remote and natural hot spring experience.

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The most northern hot springs in the U.S. are in Alaska. A well-known one is Chena Hot Springs, near a big town called Fairbanks. This place is special because you can see the Northern Lights, a beautiful light show in the sky, during winter. It’s about 60 miles away from Fairbanks. People like to visit for the warm waters and the pretty views.